What to Expect Regarding Social Distancing Protection & Safety Precautions

When You Arrive

  1. When you arrive at UAB Highlands parking lot, please call 205-969-8100, press option 2, and notify our staff that you have arrived.
  2. You will be asked if you have had any fever, cough, or difficulty breathing and/or shortness of breath in the past 2-14 days. You will also be asked if you have lost any sense of taste or smell and if you have any redness of your eyes in the past 2-14 days. We will ask if you, a family member or resident of your home has had contact with another person with confirmed COVID-19, or who has been tested for COVID-19 in the past 2-14 days. Please notify us if you have traveled out of the state in the past two weeks.
  3. f you have a protective mask, please wear it when entering the building. You will be required to wear a mask or facial covering prior to seeing the doctors.
  4. An alcohol-based hand dispenser will be available to sanitize your hands. Please take a small amount and thoroughly rub it on your hands and allow it to dry.
  5. Our office staff will ask you to update any insurance information, review the privacy statement, confirm your appointment, and discuss any other information as may be needed. No signatures or writing will be required. You will need to provide a copy of any health insurance cards and driver’s license if asked. Please remain behind the tape marked area on the floor during these questions.
  6. Once complete, you will take a seat in the designated waiting area and a technician will call you to initiate your exam.
  7. Before entering an exam room, the technician will take your temperature.
  8. No family members will be allowed to enter the office area unless you have special needs. Anyone accompanying you into the office will have to be screened also. We will allow patients only.

When You Step Into the Examination Area

  1. For your protection, all exam rooms will be disinfected between each patient. All surface areas, examination equipment, and high contact touch areas will be cleaned with disinfecting wipes prior to you entering the room. You may notice a mild odor of bleach or Clorox. This is routinely performed for the protection of all patients and the staff.
  2. f you are escorted to a waiting room for part of your exam, please leave at least one chair empty between you and the next patient to create some social distancing. Every other seat will be covered so it will be easy to space yourself apart from others. The chairs, seat and armrests will have been already sanitized with disinfecting wipes so you might notice a mild odor of bleach or Clorox. This is performed for everyone’s protection and do not mean to be offensive.
  3. Every instrument in the exam rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each patient regardless of whether testing equipment was used or not.
  4. All exam room surfaces, instruments and computers are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each patient regardless of whether the devices were used or not.
  5. The doctors and the staff will be wearing a mask to protect both you, and the staff from risk of infection. The doctors may elect to wear a more specialized N95 mask if any patients are considered a high health risk. We highly recommend our patients wear either a cloth face covering or surgical mask throughout your examination visit.
  6. In addition, your doctor may be wearing protective eyewear, goggles or even a clear plastic shield to protect both you and them.
  7. Your eye exam typically involves the use of a slit lamp microscope. Plastic barriers or breath shields have been installed on the slit lamps to prevent the spread of tiny moisture particles when breathing or speaking. To avoid the risk of spreading infection we ask that you do not speak when behind the slit lamp. Our doctors will limit their speaking when using the slit lamp as well. A safe distance will be maintained as best as possible when speaking and discussing any treatment recommendations about your eyes.

When You Are Leaving Our Office

  1. When your exam is complete, you will either be accompanied by the doctor or a technician to the check out area. Please remain behind the tape marked area on the floor while the check out desk staff assists you. The check out desk staff member will advise and assist you with next steps, instructions, any additional appointments or required payments. Once completed, we ask that you leave the check out desk area promptly and exit the office.  

Thank You! We appreciate your confidence, trust and help in making general, medical, laser and surgical eyecare to all those in need.


Marc Michelson, M.D.
Jennifer Michelson, M.D.