About Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery at Michelson Laser Vision at UAB Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama

By Marc Michelson, M.D.

Bladeless LASIK is the most common vision correction surgery performed at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc.  LASIK Eye Surgery is a method of corneal laser eye surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with the fastest visual recovery and minimal duration of discomfort. LASIK Surgery is a type of Laser Eye Surgery called “lamellar eye surgery” because it is performed between the layers of corneal tissue. This is accomplished by creating a very thin flap of corneal tissue with a Femtosecond laser.  This laser creates a corneal flap of 90 to 100 microns thickness with incredible precision and predictability.  The thin corneal flap is lifted exposing the underlying corneal surface.  The Excimer laser is then activated to reshape the cornea in a very precise manner providing a high quality correction of nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness. Followed the treatment, the thin flap is returned to its original position where it heals quickly without the need for stitches.

At Michelson Laser Vision, Inc., Marc Michelson, M.D. provides LASIK Surgery using an advanced procedure called Bladeless or Blade Free All Laser Custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK during which the LASIK "flap" is created using a femtosecond laser. As a Corneal Specialist, Dr. Michelson’s training, experience and expertise in performing corneal surgery such as LASIK, offers our patients an added sense of confidence in the safety, efficacy and predictability of having LASIK in Birmingham at Michelson Laser Vision.

Consultations for Laser Vision Correction
Free screenings are performed at Michelson Laser Vision to determine if a laser vision procedure is an option for you. Screenings take about ten minutes and are designed to help you decide whether to proceed to have a complete evaluation.  Financial consultations may be discussed with our refractive surgery coordinator. 

In order to have a laser vision correction procedure performed at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc., a thorough and complete eye examination is undertaken.  Contact lenses must be discontinued for at least one week prior to the examination.  During this examination, your cornea will be analyzed with advanced mapping devices that will predict the long-term stability of your cornea to a laser vision procedure.  A thorough informed consent process is undertaken to ensure you understand the risks and side effects associated with the procedure.  If anything abnormal is discovered that would prohibit you from having a successful outcome, your options will be discussed.  This process ensures a high level of patient satisfaction.

What to Expect During Your LASIK Procedure
To begin your LASIK procedure, Dr. Michelson will instruct the staff to place a few eye drops in your eyes to numb the surface of your eye. This will make you quite comfortable during your treatment. You will be seated in a comfortable and relaxed waiting area while the drops have a chance to begin working. After the drops have had a chance to take effect, a staff member will escort you into the Excimer Laser Suite and help you to position yourself comfortably on the moveable “bedlike” area that is actually part of the laser system.


To perform Bladeless LASIK we use a three step process:

During the first step, we created a “flap” under which the laser energy is to be applied. In order to provide the utmost in safety and efficacy, we will create the LASIK "flap" with a femtosecond laser so that your LASIK Surgery will actually be done as a Bladeless All Laser LASIK procedure.



The second step is to carefully fold the “flap” over and allow the inner layer of the cornea to be visible so that the laser energy can be applied. The actual application of the Wavelight Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Excimer Laser can take from 2-15 seconds depending on the amount of correction that you require.



During the third or final step, we will replace the "flap" into its original position and allow it to adhere in position. The LASIK flap is remarkable in that it achieves its position without requiring the use of sutures or stitches. 



The nature of the LASIK procedure is that it permits the healing and visual recovery process to be quick and predictable for most patients. For a few days after your LASIK Eye Surgery, you will need to be careful not to rub or bump your eyes too much. It is expected that you will have a mild “sandy” or “gritty” sensation during the first day or so after your LASIK surgery. This is normal. Dr. Michelson and his staff will give you complete instructions regarding eye drops and medications to use to help the healing and visual recovery process.


We will require that you return for scheduled follow-up visits to monitor your healing process, regardless of how well you think you are doing. Most LASIK patients at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. are able to pass the Alabama Motor Vehicles Eye Test without eyeglasses or contacts within a day or so after their LASIK Surgery at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc.

You should feel free to discuss any fears, concerns, questions or thoughts about LASIK or any corneal laser eye surgery with Dr. Michelson,or the staff. Our staff is available to answer any questions or to address any needs you may have regarding Laser Vision Correction at Michelson Laser Vision. We will be pleased to spend whatever time is necessary to review any information about the LASIK procedure, what to expect on LASIK surgery day, follow-up care, fees and affordable “no money down” easy monthly payment plans that will fit into your budget.

To schedule an appointment for a Free Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery Consultation at Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. please call Toll Free 877-879-0909.

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